1980 born.
2004, opened a concept shop "SISTERE" in Kyoto is the birthplace.
Then, beginning with making clothes by self-taught, own of the fashion brand
We launch a "SISTERE".
2012, it was held at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo
In the "Future Beauty Japan fashion of the future of" Exhibition,
Attention of the designers responsible for the future of Japan Fashion,
Elected to one of the 15 people, followed in 2014, local Kyoto
It was held in Kyoto National Museum of Modern Art
"Future Beauty Japan fashion: discontinuity of continuous" Exhibition to provide a work also.

Its position as the designer to consolidate.
Light and shadow, beauty and ugliness, uncertain abstract color with strong black and vulnerable,
Fine silk and refined crude cotton and linen, cashmere.
And three-dimensional and structural pattern as many as several dozen parts,
Planar fluctuating paper ... made from a single cloth.
Pursuit of contradiction and duality born from those of paradox, in elegance
Harmony, sublimation style and view of the world, and not only just to the clothes
Has begun also it proposed in the spatial scale.