We respect value of the information as the social responsibility that oneself should achieve in working and we always act for thorough appropriate management and protection of the personal information and we maintain the privacy policy including the next matter.

Privacy policy

  1. We observe the country's guidance and other models that laws and ordinances about the handling of personal information to deal with in all business such as employees.
  2. We decide to identify the use purpose in the acquisition of the personal information, we do not do handling (the use out of the purpose) of the personal information beyond the range that is necessary for the achievement of an identified use purpose.
    In addition, we take appropriate management measures due to perform the use out of the purpose.
  3. We do not contribute to open the personal information to the third party except for laws and obtaining the person's consent.
  4. When we receice a complaint about the handling of the personal information, we investigate facts quickly and cope in all sincerity within a rational period.
  5. In order to take safety measures for systematically, human, physically, and technically, we prevent not to leak or loss of the personal informaiton.
  6. Based on a change of social conditions and the environment, we review the personal information protection management system continuously, and we improve it continiously.

[Inquiries about personal information protection policy]
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